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Cake Decoration Selections (Simply place on cake!) and Information Below

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Adults/Grown-ups-Beer, Liquor, Sexy Sue , Macho Man and More! Sale!
Air/Space-Spaceship,  Spacemen
America- American/USA themed items   
Any Occasion-Thank-you, and More! Sale!
Animals-Bees, Cats, Dogs, Ladybugs, Frogs, and More! Sale!
Autumn-Seasons/Fall  Leaves, Scarecrows and More! Sale!
Baby/Baby Shower- Baby Shower and First Birthday
Ballerinas -Ballerina Figurines and More! Sale!
Baking Themed  Gift Ideas   
Baking Tips
Baseball-(MLB)- Baseball Candles and MLB Picks and more!  Sale!
Basketball - Figurines, Picks and NBA Teams   Sale!
Biking- Bicycles, Motorcycles and more!Sale!
Birthday/Party-Picks, Plaques Ribbon  Sale!
Bowling - Bowler Figurines and Picks    Sale!

Order Process time is 2-5 business days. This is before shipping time, which is 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail.          Free Shipping for Orders over $65.00 US Domestic Addresses Only!

Bridal- Wedding  and Shower Items Sale!
Cake Boards and Boxes
Cake Sets and Cakes-All Items in one themed set! Circus, Cowboy, Hawaiian 
Cake Pans- Sheet/Rectangle Baking Pans
Cake Showcase
Car Racing -NASCAR , Cars, SUV, ATV and More!  Sale!
Careers/Jobs-Thanks, Retirement  Sale!
Cartoon Characters -Smurfs, King Kong, Harry Potter, Maya and Miguel, Xmen, Dora the Explorer,   Popular Movies, Shows and More!  Sale!
Cartoon Characters-Star Wars /Star Trek Sale!
Cartoon Characters 2  Pirates of the Caribbean, Scooby Doo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Snoopy, Lego and More!Sale!
Cheerleading-Figurines and Megaphones Sale!
Christmas- Christmas themed Rings, Picks, and More!   
Free Shipping for Orders over $65.00 US Domestic Addresses Only!
Clowns/Circus - Ferris Wheel, Clowns, Picks and More   Sale!
College Teams-Popular Colleges and Universities    Sale!
Cowboys/Western  Cowboys, Horses,Boots and More!


Cupcake Picks- Assorted Picks  Stands, Wrap and Rings to decorate cupcakes!Sale!
Customer Cake Showcase
Dinosaur- Dinosaurs and Aliens
Decorating Ideas- Cake Pictures
Easter -Spring, Chicks, Bunnies

Father's and Men -Tools, Power Tools, Handyman, Sale!

Fences and Bridges-Fences and More!
Food and Drink-Hot Dogs, Burgers, Soda Liquor, Wine and More!  
Free Shipping for Orders over $65.00 US Domestic Addresses Only!
Football-NFL Teams, Football Items  Sale!
Fishing - Fisherman, Fish, Trees 
Frosting  Recipes
Golf -PGA , Golf balls, Carts and and More! Sale!
Gaming/Casino-Poker, Cards, Slots, Pool and More!
Girls - Rings, Make-up, Tiara's, Hats etc and More 
Graduation -Grad Caps, Picks and More!  Sale!
Halloween-Witches, Ghosts, Rings and More! 
Hawaii -Hula Dancers,Palm Trees, Cake Sets and More!
Hockey- NHL Picks, Candles  Sale!
Hunting-Field and Stream, Deer, Ducks, Camping, and More!
In Loving Memory

Jewelry-14 Kt Gold Charms Sale!

Karate- Martial Arts Figurines
Layons-All Themes/Quick and Easy way to Decorate a Cake! Sale!
Mardi Gras-Picks, Balloons
Military - Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and More!  Sale!
MLS  Soccer- Professional Soccer Items, Soccer themed items Sale!
Mother's Day and Women Shoes, Hats, Purses, Make-up, Breast Cancer Awareness and More!  Sale!
Music-Records, CD's, Instruments

Order Process time is 2-5 business days. This is before shipping time, which is 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail.

Free Shipping on Orders over $65.00

New Year's -Celebrations
NHL Hockey-Hockey,NHL Themed Items Sale!
NFL Football- Football Picks, Helmet Candles, Cake Sets and More!
Pirates-Pirate Figurines, Ships   Sale!
Police- Police  Cars,Picks  Sale!
Racing- NASCAR, Racing Cars and More   Sale!
Religious-Confirmation, Communion, Baptism and More!Sale!
School-Children -ABC, 123, School Bus and More!  Sale!
Services- What We Do...
Skiing-Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowmobile and More!
Soccer -Futbol,  MLS, Soccer  Teams and More! Sale!
Sprinkles/Quins- Sprinkles, Jimmies,  Quins, Sanding Sugar
St Patrick's Day-Rainbows, Irishman and More!  
Summer Fun /Vacation-Grills, Pools and More  Sale!
Tennis-Figurines and Picks
Tips for Baking
Thanksgiving-Pilgrims, Turkeys  Sale!
Track-Runners, Shoes
Trees-Foliage for Scenery 
Valentine's Day-Rings, Picks, Plaques and More! Sale!
Vehicles-Rigs, Cars, Hummer  Sale!
Volleyball-Volleyball Figurines, Picks Sale!
Wrestling- Wrestlers Figurines

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Free Shipping for Orders over $65.00 US Domestic Addresses Only!

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Order Process time is 2-5 business days. This is before shipping time, which is 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail.




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Free Shipping for Orders over $65.00 US Domestic Addresses Only!

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Color Blends- You can create just about any color with the correct color combinations- See below.

  Tip: Deep colors should always be mixed 24 hours in advance  to get the maximum color.


Ruby Red-- 1 drop of Christmas red to a touch of black.

Copper-1 drop of golden yellow plus 1 drop of brown plus 5 drops of Christmas red.

Plum- 1 drop of violet plus a touch of Christmas red.

Jade- 1 drop of leaf green, plus 1 drop of royal blue plus a touch of black.

Gold- 10 drops of lemon yellow, plus 3 drops of sunset orange, plus 1 drop of Christmas red.

Coral- 3 drops of dusty rose and 2 drops of lemon yellow.

Grape- 6 drops of Baker's rose and 1 drop of sky blue

More to come...................

We offer liquid, aerosol and paste colors.

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