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Cake Decoration Selections

(Easy to Use-Simply place on Cupcake or Cake)

Adult Themes/Casino/Gambling-Beer, Liquor, Sexy Sue , Macho Man , Poker,Games and More!

Air/Space/Police/Fire-Spaceship,  Spacemen, Police and Firemen

Any Occasion/Music-Thank-you, Family, Mardi Gras, Any Occasion, America Themes and More!

Animals/Dinosaurs-Bees, Cats, Dogs, Ladybugs, Frogs, Dinosaurs and More!

Baby/Baby Shower/Mom/Mother's/Girls/Women- Baby Shower, Mom, Girls Themed.

Ballerinas -Ballerina Figurines, Tiara, Crowns Castles, and More!

Baking Tips

Baseball (MLB)- MLB Picks, Candles,Teams and more!

Birthday/Party-Picks, Layons, Plaques Ribbon 

Bridal-  Wedding and Bridal Shower Items

Cake Sets and Cakes-All Items in one themed set! Circus, Cowboy, Hawaiian 

Careers/Jobs/Hobbies-Teaching, Fireman, Police, Space, Construction, Retirement, Law, Thanks and More

Cake Showcase

Cartoon Characters -Smurfs, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars,  Xmen,  Popular Movies, Barney,Pokemon,Scooby Doo, Shows and More!

Cartoon Characters 2- Pirates of the Caribbean,  Dora, Batman, Superman, Transformers, More!

Circus/Clowns-Clown Picks and More

Cowboys/Western/Pirates- Cowboys, Horses, Boots, Pirates and More!

Cupcake Picks- Assorted Picks  Stands, Wrap and Rings to decorate cupcakes!

Customer Cake Showcase

Decorating Ideas- Cake Pictures

Father's and Men -Father's Day, Tools, Power Tools, Handyman

Frosting  Recipes

Graduation/Colleges -School Items, Encouragement,Grad Caps, Picks and More!  


Halloween-Christmas-Thanksgiving- St Patrick's Day and More!-Fall, Halloween, Christmas,Thanksgiving, Shamrocks, Ghosts, Goblins and More! 

Hawaii -Hula Dancers,Palm Trees, Cake Sets and More!

Hockey/Golf/Racing/Bowling-NHL, NASCAR, PBA, PGA, Soccer, Volleyball themed items and more.

Soccer/Cheering- NHL, PGA, Golf Picks, Cheerleading, NASCAR,Figurines, Picks, Candles

Hunting/Fishing-Field and Stream, Fishing, Deer, Ducks, Camping, and More!

In Loving Memory

Jewelry/Bridal-14 Kt Gold Charms

Karate/Wrestling- Wrestling and Martial Arts Figurines

Layons-All Themes/Quick and Easy way to Decorate a Cake!

Military-Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and More!  

NFL Football- Football Picks, Helmet Candles, Cake Sets and More!

Religious/Easter-Easter,Confirmation, Communion, Baptism and More!

School-Children -ABC, 123, School Bus and More! 

Services- What We Do...

Skiing-Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowmobile and More!

Sports-Misc Lacrosse, Bowling, Wrestling, Golf, Hockey, Cycling, Racing, Harley Davidson, and More!

Trees-Foliage for Scenery 

Valentine's Day-Rings, Picks, Plaques and More!

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Thank-you for Choosing Babykakes!

All company and product names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and are the registered names, trade marks, or trade names of their respective companies. Babykakes does not claim any such rights to these registered names, trademarks or trade names.

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Tips for Baking / Decorating the Perfect Cake



Tip# 10- Use Paper Towels- 2 or double thick to place over cooling Rack to keep the rack from making imprints into the cake.

Tip#9- To smooth icing after it has set use a fondant smoother and parchment paper.

Tip#8-Use a 3" Pan instead of 2 layer pans for a higher cake- More Cake Less Work.  Slice Lengthwise for Layers.

Tip#7- To make a box cake moist add a half a box of pudding to the batter per box.

Tip#7a- Or try using the entire box and adding 2 more eggs to the batter.

Tip #6- To make a candle stand up straight- push a toothpick into the bottom of the candle then insert in cake. Candles

Tip #1- Use heavy aluminum gauge baking pans-they hold heat better than the thinner pans. The cake bakes more even and much moister. You will not need to add extra oil or pudding to your cake recipe. The pans are well worth the investment. No more cutting half of the cake away because the middle cooked slower than the sides. Visit  Supplies

Tip #2-Smoothing Icing ~~Dip your icing spatula in Hot water and dry with a paper towel. The heat from the water will melt the oil in  the icing making it smoother. 

Tip#3-Use black food color to chocolate icing for a better tasting black icing- use sparingly. Colors-click!

Tip#4-Try using Tulle and Ruffle glued to the cake board for a pretty effect. Very simple to apply!

Tip#5-Try adding a small amount of liqueur to your cake recipe for a new taste.








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