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Babykakes is a clothing collection of unique silhouettes. Each piece is hand-made by Kimberly Souliere, with inspiring colors and fabrics that are soft, stretchy, comfortable., and easy to drape. The attention to detail can be seen from every angle. Most pieces are versatile and can easily go from day to night by changing from flip-flops to high-heels.

Designer, Kimberly has incorporated the casual influences from her current home in Los Angeles with her urban upbringing in Springfield, MA, to bring Babykakes dresses to life.


Inspired by her Mom ,two Memeres, and Great-Memere (who all had a hand in teaching her how to sew), Kimberly developed a passion for creating clothing at a young age. Earning a BA in Theatre Arts/Costume Design from Boston, and an MBA from Southern California, Babykakes is a creation of the inspiration around her.


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